Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Squashes, melons and pumpkins....

Took a little tour of the back of the garden yesterday and here's a little example of what I found:
 Here's my one Porcelain Doll pumpkin that I's smaller then the original, but maybe its still growing? 
 ??? I'm not sure, it may have been a Cushaw, but it's almost totally white. I didn't plant any cushaws this year, but they are out there anyway, probably because of a mistake I made when saving the seems a few seeds jumped piles.
 This vine is coming from the Iran Pumpkins...although its not pumpkin shape. ?? Not sure, I'll just wait it out.
I have several of these beautiful Thelma Saunders Sweet Potato squash...they grow easily and mature fast.
 Here's one of the Dumpling Squash.  These are from saved seeds, and some look different then the others, but most of them are like this example.
This is another dumpling squash.  Similar, but darker. There's another that's almost totally green. Note sure why, this may be normal but I'm not sure.

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