Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mimi's Summer Day Camp - Day Six - Art Day!

KT came back from San Francisco taller, I swear!  She is growing in leaps and bounds right now.  She had a great time with her Aunt Ashley and Uncle JR, we heard all about it. She also brought along a white alligator that she got there.
 We went to the library in the early morning since KT wasn't going to be here on our usual Thursday because of the holiday.  She wanted another book on sharks....she just loves them.
 She always plays with these floor cushions when she's there...pulls them out, puts them in a line in colors together, then puts them back when she's done.  Sometimes she puts all the plush animals that they have on them, too.
 This is Angus, the library horse.  He's big, and KT gets him out each week too.
 After the library, it was time to make a picture, John was in charge of this activity.  She loves to paint!  I was so surprised that she already knows that if you mix blue and yellow, it makes green.  And if you mix red and white, you get pink.  What a smart child, and very serious about painting.
 Washing out her brush after every different color.
KT Koenig, Artist

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