Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Garden is slowly..slowly...dying...

Pimento pepper
The Texas summer heat is catching up with the tender spring plants...and despite our best efforts to keep some of them going, most are dying off.  Most because they've given up their crop and their normal life expectancy is over anyway, but some I wish we could have kept alive longer.
The bright side is that there are some that thrive and love the heat....our peppers are doing well, the tomatoes for the most part are doing okay, and the okra loves this heat!
We're pulling the corn plants and giving a few to the deer every day.  They are so done, drying in the ground.
We're keeping the above ground gardens going fairly well, only because John set up an automatic sprinkler system for beds #1 through 5.  I'm actually kinds of glad, its hard to be out in that sun too long, so it's about time to take a break from the garden and work on inside projects until the fall.
 We have a nice stand of maize milo in the chicken run that came up on its own. It's starting to head nicely!
 Drying corn
 The tromboncino squash is still growing, we have to water it every other day to keep it going.
The Aunt Ruby German Green tomato finally showed up...there are two tomatoes on it now. Huge, tall plant with nothing on it for the longest time.  
 My counter in the house looks like its ready for fall.  These are the various squashes and pumpkins that I've been bringing in as they ripen.  I hope they will last till fall, they need to harden up for a while.
The morning glories are so pretty.  This is a mixture of several types, but mostly the Heavenly Blue and the Chocolate are what you see here.

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