Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Around the Garden...

“Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden.”  ~Robert Brault

Can you see the little tromboncino squash? I'm so excited to see this little guy!  Yesterday I tied all of these vines to their trellis.  I actually found something that I think will work well - a velcro made just for vines. Once it gets a hold with its little viney feelers, it should hold itself up just fine.  This variety is a strong heavy plant - and if left on the ground it will send down roots at various spots on the ground...a strong will to live! 
 Here's an example of the velcro stuff.  So far its working well!
 Here's another shot of those beautiful San Marzano tomatoes - there's a group of these beauties on each and every branch of this plant.  I think this will make it to my "fav" list this year.  I brought the first one in yesterday as it was turning pink.
 Here's that Lemon Boy tomato that's turning yellow! Hoo-boy! Doesn't that look beautiful!? I think its about time to fertilize all of these tomatoes again.
 The lettuce that I planted a few weeks ago is coming up beautifully.  Several different varieties here.

 A little collage of all of my sunflowers....that pale flower in the top right is the Italian White.  They're a smaller pale yellow, quite pretty.  Still waiting on the maroon ones to show up...they're forming flower heads but none have opened up yet.
Today we're planting three rose bushes that I've been collecting for the yard.  We planted the climbing Blaze bushes several weeks ago on the bower between our front yard and the yard in front of the pavilion.  They are growing fast and reaching for the sky...a vigorous variety. I'll post up some photos tomorrow.

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