Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Freezing beans....

I'm getting more then John and I can eat fresh, so I had to put up some of these pretty beans that we've been harvesting.  I try to pick every other day so that they don't get too big (we like them young and non-stringy.) Today I put up two bags of the Calima beans and 4 bags of Brittle Wax beans.
 I'm impressed by these Calima beans - most are straight as arrows...very very nice. I'll definitely get these again.
After trimming, dump into boiling water and count exactly 3 minutes....use your iPhone timer!
Immediately remove to a cold water bath.  Stir up a bit now and then to cool as fast as possible.  They can stay there until you're ready to package.  Drain and pack in plastic freezer baggies, squeezing as much air out as can as you zip closed.  Don't forget to put the date on the outside of the bag!
Ahhhh....the taste of summer during next winter! You can't beat that!

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