Sunday, June 23, 2013

Saturday night....

We got to enjoy the pavilion on Saturday night when the Hoyt's came out with their two precious granddaughters.

Poor Jeff and Colleen had a horrible water leak at their home and had to rip up a whole lot of the flooring that they just put in a year ago or so, and their home was full of huge air fans and dehumidifiers, so they came out too!

The girls all enjoyed visiting together, despite their year difference, they get along real well! And that little Addie is growing like a weed.  She has a great "chill" attitude!

We had a great time!

 Time for some play-doh fun!
Movie time!  They were watching Monsters vs. Aliens.

They also got to dig in the dirt, feed the deer, run around, pick eggs, round around some more, look at spiders on the porch and scream (whoo boy can they scream!), check out the garden, look for worms in the dirt, ride the "donkey" and generally just have a blast.  Good times!

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