Sunday, June 23, 2013

Movie Review --- World War Z

You KNEW I had to go see this one the very day that it came out.  John and I, along with our niece Adrienne, went to see it Friday at a noon showing.  I really liked it, although I didn't recognize it from the book at all.  The book is more like a journal of several people's stories after the zombies arrive. I listened to the book from Audiobook, probably over 6 years ago, and really liked it. John even listened to it and liked it a lot, and he's not a real zombie fan.
The audio program uses several peoples voices, not just one narrator, which I enjoyed.  This could be one groups' story from the book, but I need to go back now and re-read it.  The movie starts with the action right away, and these zombies are FAST! Not your Walking Dead type zombies for sure.  Another little important fact from this movie is that you turn after being bitten in only 10 seconds...that's fast!  Most movies make you die first, then reanimate, taking much longer.

There are some close ups of a few of the zombs and the makeup, etc. is excellent.  Watch for the zombie in the lab where they store the extreme infectious diseases...he was excellent...right down to the chattering teeth!
It's a real action ride, and I highly recommend it...4 Stars!!

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