Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Grandparents, Emily and Edmund Vahalik

Nothing on the back of this one, but this is Emily and Edmund Vahalik with Maggie Vahalik and child (no idea which one.)  Wonder why the picture was cut off?
 August, 1968
 June, 1968
 No date on this one either.  Grandpa had his cane and his cigars.
My grandmother wore the same type of dress (shirtwaist) every day of her life, along with a full slip underneath.  I never saw her in anything else.  Most were florals or plaids of some kind, as you can see.   Mom bought her a few other things through the years and Grandma would fold it up and put it in her chest and never wear them....she was devoted to her shirtwaists! She always wore an apron over them in the kitchen. Ladies were ladies in her day.

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