Friday, May 31, 2013

Movie Review --- After Earth

I'm trying to find something nice to say.  I really am.  It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great, which is what I like in my movies.  You get the idea that Will is trying to make his son a BIG STAR by pushing him out front in this movie, and the kid just ain't ready.
First, his voice....he's 15 for gosh sakes, and his voice pitch just went through my head throughout the entire movie, cracking and slurring....gheesh.  They make the mistake of letting him narrate the beginning.  Big mistake.
Then, he whines and whines....and I guess it fit the character, but I just wanted to stand up and slap him silly in parts - shape up, soldier!
The premise of the movie was okay, and most of the effects were good (those tigers could have used a little more work), but I was thankful it was only 100 minutes long. If you need to get out of the heat and just want to wile away an hour and a half, it might be worth it for a matinee.
Not a fan of this kid....we need to let him grow up a few more years. Shame on Will Smith - is he being a backstage Daddy?
Two stars.

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