Sunday, June 30, 2013

Grandma's Society Chips

I finished putting up those sweet pickle chips on Saturday morning.  This was a long process for me, I'm much more into the instant gratification type of recipe, but I'm glad I did them.  They are definitely different.
 After packing them into the sterilized jars, I added one additional teaspoon of sugar.  It's not mentioned in this particular recipe that I followed, there were several other similar ones on-line that mentioned adding this to cut the vinegar taste in their follow up comments, so I went ahead and added this step.  After 16 cups of sugar, why stop now...ha!
 Pouring the boiling, hot syrup over the pickles.
Finished product.  This made 15 pints of pickles, I had to double the recipe of syrup since I had so many cucumbers.  This should last a good long time...we'll be breaking these out for every major holiday, including this July 4th.

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