Sunday, June 30, 2013

Around the garden this weekend....

It's getting so hot out there...whew! Despite the heat, or maybe because of it, some of these plants are going full guns.  Some of them really LIKE the heat.  We're working hard to keep them hydrated, at least the ones we want to keep going.
This is the Delice de la Table, which is the French heirloom cantaloupe. The catalog said it tastes like "orange sherbet." Doesn't that just sound delightful?! Hope we can harvest at least one of these.
This is one of the Bidwell Casaba melons, its the biggest one out there. I know you can't really tell from a picture, but its about the size of a football, or maybe a little bigger. 
 Here's one of the younger ones, but it has the benefit of a large spider! ha! 
Here's one of the three Turban Squash that I have coming along out there. These are from saved seeds that I got from a grocery store purchase last October.  I'm going to use them for decor in the fall if they last that long.
We are bringing in lettuce every other day or so.  It is delicious! Several different types here, but they are all delicious. 
This is a young Canada Crookneck squash.  This is another from saved seeds that I got from a squash that I bought at the grocery store last year.  
A little Godiva Pumpkin.  The red colander is from The Dollar Store.  I found some melon cradles on-line that they make for this purpose (keep the melons off the dirt, bugs, dampness, etc.) but they were $10 for 6, + shipping! I thought there must be a good alternative somewhere, and these colanders were $1 at The Dollar Store. Neat! Also, re-usable, bright, and much cheaper. Done and done!

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