Thursday, June 6, 2013

Around the garden...

 The four elderberry plants are doing very well!  Growing like weeds.
 The one and only red orach lettuce plant that came up from seed. I'll probably pull it pretty soon.  
 KT's first bean...she's going to have to pick it this weekend, I think.
 Her little pumpkins have grown quite a bit, too.
 Two of the four blackberries on one of our plants....that's going to be it for this year, I think.
 Two more of the flowers that have come is a type of carnation (the pink).
This is the Datura that we planted in the front flower garden this year.  Two flowers are about to unfurl.  A pretty soft lilac color.
These are showing up on our Burr Oak tree....are these acorns???? I hope I hope I hope....

Tomorrow I have to make pickles...I have about 5 pounds of cucumbers already. Whew!

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