Saturday, June 15, 2013

Around the garden this weekend....

These are the Mississippi Silver Cow Peas, or black-eyed peas.  These showed up first, and then the Red Ripper cow peas began to show up.  I'm not sure if I should pick them fresh or let them dry....???
 An ear of popcorn on the Black Dakota plants
 Another ear of popcorn on the strawberry red...
This is one of the Godiva pumpkins.  I'm putting strainers from the Dollar Store under them to keep them dry and away from the mud and the bugs.
Pollen dropping from the corn tassels...amazing...
I am unsure about when to pick these tromboncino squash.  Some say to pick young for summer type squash and let some grow to full length and they can be eaten and stored like winter squash...what to do...what to do....  I'm picking one to try young (about 14" long) and then will decide depending on how it tastes.  There's about 8 of them in various stages of growth out there now.
 KT's little squash are turning orange...they're about ready to pick.  She's going to be so thrilled!
I put up more green beans today.  John even helped me snap them, he must have felt sorry for me!

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