Saturday, June 15, 2013

A motley crew.....

Okay, here's a teaser.  Can you name all of these cousins from the Vahalik family reunion in 1959? 
If you can, please send me the names so I can make a note of them.  I know a few of them, but it might take me a while to remember them all.  And the babies are a toss up.
If I get a good list of names for them all, I'll repost with all of that info, I promise.

I remember this event, it was out at one of the halls just outside of Yoakum.  They had a stage, and I can remember having such fun up on that stage and running around outside.  We got ahold of the mike and sang "The Battle of New Orleans", or at least the few stanzas that we could remember. That song was a big hit that year...who doesn't like a song where a gator loses his mind!  Fun!

 Sabina must have sent this photo to mom, on the back it says "Beck, Grandma would not have approved of some of the young ladies poses. -- Sabina"

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