Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Boudin Ball was Bon'

We took off for Lake Charles today for a little anniversary trip!  We took our time, so arrived around 3:30pm this afternoon.
First stop after checking in was the Isle of Capri Casino to try our luck (which turned out to be not so good today). Well, thankfully we set a limit, so better luck tomorrow!
I remember this casino was on a boat in the inlet years ago, but I guess after Katrina they have rebuilt in a beautiful new building, with hotel and the works.  Its pretty nice, but the cigarette smokers will ruin it in a few years.  It wasn't that bad though, the ceilings are very high, which helped.
After the casino we went to John's favorite seafood place in the world, Steamboat Bills.  They are so popular here, the place is always packed.
I wanted to try the Boudin (boo-dan), so we ordered a Boudin Ball.  I have to say - delicious!!!
We're turning in, tomorrow we're taking the wildlife drive.  Here's hoping we see an alligator!

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