Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tea Party at Mimi's House

The Wren's and their Grandma (that's Mari!) visited on Saturday night and we had some great BBQ! KT and Ella had so much fun together -- they had a tea party, played in the little house, gathered eggs and chased chickens, had a fun ride with Jeff in our donkey, gardened and dug up dirt, raked, and hoed in the bean tee-pee, ran through the grass, and when it got dark they both got flashlights and ran back and forth to the little house. I'm sure they both slept very soundly last night!
We got to know little Addie better last night, too.  What a good little girl she is, she loves her walker and just enjoyed watching her sister have fun on the pavilion. She never cried the entire evening. She seems like a very content little girl. So glad they got to come see us!

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