Friday, April 19, 2013

More about the garlic bed....

I pulled one of the varieties of garlic today.  I've been testing the beds by pulling one up every few weeks, and the Maiskij garlic (hardneck, turbin type) are all fully developed, in fact, 4 of the 20 that I pulled up have absolutely exploded into individual bulbs because they were so full! Maybe I waited too long to pull these up?  I have no idea...everything I've read says to plant in fall, and harvest about 240 days later.  Which should be about another month.  But....this one says it's usually an early developer, so I guess now is the right time.
It's all trial and error with me....ha!

I was shipped three heads of garlic and harvested 20...not bad!! I'll save three to plant again this fall.

See how these have exploded outside of their that normal?

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