Friday, April 19, 2013

Garden Bed #9 is done!

With John's much appreciated help, I was able to plant the entire bed at one time on Thursday morning! Yeah!

Bed #9 consists of:
Tromboncino Squash from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Strawberry Popcorn from Baker Seeds
Dakota Black Popcorn - same
Moon and Stars Watermelon - same
Osh Kirgizia Watermelon - these are saved seeds from last year's crop. These were the best little melons!
Lady Godiva Pumpkin - Sunrise Seeds - these are hulless seeded pumpkins, the seeds can be roasted as is! I searched high and low for this one during the winter, and the package came with exactly 10 seeds.  Hope they come up okay.
Gele Ruezen Pumpkin - Sunrise Seeds - a rare heirloom.
Seminole Pumpkin - Baker Seeds
Amish Pie Pumpkin - seeds I saved from last year's crop.

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