Sunday, March 24, 2013


Watering her flowers
KT picked out a hummingbird for her flower pot.

We got to keep KT for one night this weekend, it's been a couple of weeks since we've seen her! She changes by leaps and bounds every time we've been apart for a while, and this time her new skill is asking, "why?"


It was why, why, and why?
I was in the kitchen when John was reading a book to her on Saturday night.  She'd stop him and ask why something happened. He'd answer. She'd ask why. He'd answer. She'd ask why.  It was hilarious, as funny as the "Who's on First" skit!
So precious.
Checking to see if the fairies were awake. They were fast asleep!

She's about to be in a 3 year-old soccer season her parents have signed her up for, so John and KT went out to the yard and practiced soccer. She has some fancy soccer duds and a gorgeous silver soccer ball! Nice stuff!
I got to thinking as I watched them, it takes a special person to coach soccer to a  a bunch of 3 year-olds.
"Put the ball down."
"No, don't pick up the ball."
"Kick it, don't pick it up.""No, no, no....don't put your hands on the ball."
Ha! Ha!
She'll get the hang of it, for sure. She's one smart little cookie!

 Kickin' it!
Learning the role of goalie. She has real skills here.

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