Friday, March 22, 2013

Blast from the past....

I found this photo going through some of our old family photos.  Good grief, were we ever this young?

This was taken when we first moved to Hawaii.  When we got married, we spent a few months in California at Mare Island, just above San Francisco, where John had been sent to take a class at the Navy base there.  From there, John flew on to Hawaii to find us a place to live and I flew back to San Antonio to pack up our meager belongings (I can't imagine what we had other than our wedding gifts.) Then after a couple of weeks I flew on to Hawaii to meet him.

One of the places that most tourists ended up in Hawaii was in King's Alley, which was a street full of vendors, shops and places to eat and drink, music, and the like. I think it's changed to something called King's Village now.

  I'm wondering why we chose these outfits? Funny!  I know it was in 1970, but not sure when.  I wish I had written the date on it.  This one had been sent to my mom and dad and was with their photos, which is the only reason it survived so long.

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