Sunday, March 10, 2013

Planting Roses....

I've potted a few bare root roses that I purchased fairly cheaply this weekend.  I'll keep them in the pot through the summer and if they do well, I'll transplant in the fall to a permanent location.  These aren't my photos, but what I hope they'll look like when/if they survive.

Blaze Improved, Climbing.  Large Flowered Climber. 1932.  12-14 feet. Flowers repeatedly.  Zones 4-9. 
One of the most popular climbing roses, this consistent performer produces abundant clusters of pure scarlet red flowers.  Semi double medium size blooms (2 to 3 inches across) in large clusters have a light tea fragrance and bloom on old and new wood. Easy to grow with a vigorous upright habit that is easy and quick to train on fences, arbors, pillars, and porches. 

The Fairy.  Polyantha.  (1941)  2-3 1/2 feet. Repeat bloom.  Zones 4-9. 
In 1956 Will Tillotson wrote...“In ten successive catalogs, the writer has offered to 'match this beautiful Polyantha against the field and take all bets.' Except under the desert blistering sun, where its mid-summer blooms fade to white, The Fairy is unexcelled for vigor, spreading growth, perfect health and hardiness, and its super ability to produce those charming pink rosette type blossoms in constant abundance...each fair flower, crisp and waxen like a pink sea shell.' Polyanthas come and go, but The Fairy will be with us long after many of today's favorites are forgotten. Needs full sun for blooms to open.

Angel Face.  Floribunda.  (1969)  3-4 feet.  Repeat bloom.  Zones 5-9. 
Angel Face comes from two of our favorite lavender roses, Lavender Pinocchio (x Circus) and Sterling Silver.  A low rounded plant with dark, leathery, glossy foliage and fully double ruffled lavender blooms edged in purple exuding a strong citrus fragrance.  In 2001, Angel Face was the James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Medal Winner, which is awarded to very fragrant roses by the American Rose Society.

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