Saturday, March 30, 2013

Movie Review --- Olympus Has Fallen

This was a pretty good way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Gerard Butler plays a Secret Service agent who had been on the presidential detail until a car accident, where the first lady was killed.  He chose to save the president first (which I think was his job) but afterwards he was transferred to another department at the Treasury in disgrace.

Skip forward a few months, and North Koreans attack the White House. They disguise themselves as part of a South Korean group to get in, then they take the President and his cabinet members hostage. I question a diplomatic entourage that is able to drive right in the gates at the White House, get out of their cars and walk right in.  Isn't there any security at the door? At least wand them, good grief! And a C130 airplane almost drives right up the front drive with minimal resistance.  I'm not buying that.

Bodies everywhere, lots of blood and guts. Gerard runs in and saves the president's son, the president and the day! This is the type of movie he is meant to make -- no more romance movies, please, Gerard.
Three stars!   

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