Monday, February 11, 2013

What a great vacation!

We had lots of fun, family time, good food, and it got colder and colder during the week, culminating in a Saturday that was snowy!  KT got to have a couple of first experiences -- tubing and skiing.  She is truly fearless, I'm so impressed with how well Colleen and Jeff are doing raising her to think she can do anything.
JR looks fantastic, he's really lost too much weight in my opinion, but he isn't quite ready to stop. Despite looking so thin, he looks good (lots of grey in that hair and beard now, though!)
We had dinner at Capos Italian Restaurant - it was Mardi Gras in town, so they gave all of us beads
John skied two days
Sunday was on the road all day, back home.  We rolled in right at 8pm, just in time for me to watch the first new episode of The Walking Dead!  Win!

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