Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had some fun today, starting with a drive to Comfort, Texas this morning.  John wanted to "shoot some golf balls" to practice for a March tournament that he is going to be in.  So I was content to watch from a nice folding chair! What a gorgeous day!! The sun felt so great....
Then we drove through the hill country some, sight-seeing, and landed in Fredericksburg for lunch at the Auslander Biergarten.  It was fantastic!  I had something called a Rouladen made of thin beef with pickle, onion and bacon rolled inside, baked (I think) and smothered in gravy. was so good!
Since it was Valentine's day, we had dessert - John had their coconut cream pie and I had the buttermilk pie.  We were stuffed!
On the way out of town we stopped at the Wildseed Farm and picked up a few seeds to this year.  I love that place and could have browsed for hours...but John was along, so no chance of that.  He's really not much of a shopper. ha! (understatement)
Then a quick drive by to see Colleen and KT for Valentine's day - we had flowers and KT's Valentine bag to deliver! A thoroughly enjoyable day!

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