Sunday, January 6, 2013

Building the Fairy Garden....

I've been planning a fairy garden since Colleen gave me a great fairy door last Mother's day.  I had posted it on one of my Pinterest boards, and she ordered it for me!  I was thrilled, but it has taken me a long, long while to get started.  The time has come....

I've been gathering all of the elements of the garden before putting it out.  This Friday while KT was staying with us for the day, and it was rainy and cold outside, I took advantage of this time to have her help me make the first little fairy house.

I used one of the bottle gourds that I grew this past summer, and used an example I found on another Pinterest board.  KT had fun painting the windows, and I did all of the work that involved the hot glue gun.  KT learned to pick up tiny rocks with a tweezers and hand them to me.  She's so smart!
I think it turned out great, I just have to coat it with a few coats of clear weather protection, and then we'll start putting the garden together.  I'll post pics when we're done!

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