Sunday, December 16, 2012

Root veggies....

The recent 18 degree morning has proved to be too much, even for some crops that I've been led to believe can take some frost. (Should I have covered them with hay or something?) The beets, all three of the varieties, look like they've been blasted.  So, I'm going to be pulling them up as I have time.  Most are way too small (but the chickens will love them), some I can salvage, and there are a couple of big ones! I was surprised!

The big beet and the somewhat smaller one are Golden Detroit.  There's a small Bull's Blood there, too.
The carrot plants are still looking fine.  They obviously can take some really cold weather.  So I just rummaged through and picked a few for the fun of it.  These are a variety of white carrots, and the maroon one came from a patch called Kaleidoscope.  The orange ones are a variety called Sweet n' Short.

We're eating these on Monday in some kind of root melange, I think.

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