Sunday, December 16, 2012

Movie Review ---- Playing for Keeps 

I really wanted to like this movie...I really did.

It has one of my favorite guys in it, Gerard Butler.  I love him.  Or....maybe I just love him in macho-man action movies.  Because he really floundered in this movie.  It wasn't HORRIBLE, but just not the touching chick flick I was hoping for at the Christmas season.  My gauge is tears.  I didn't shed a single tear. Darn!

It was frustrating watching him play a character who just let life "happen" to him, acting like he was just helpless in making decisions for himself.  Not a fan of a character like that. There were very few "laugh out loud" scenes in this move, and the chemistry between he and Jessica Biel wasn't really there either.
Two stars.  Sad really.

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