Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tularosa Vineyards

Saturday we started the day with breakfast at The Log Cabin. Santa was standing right behind me while I ate! Good meal and a popular stop that got crowded!
We took off to pick up some wine at our favorite winery, Tularosa Vineyards. Love their sweet wines, especially their Muscats. Seriously good wine! We got out of there with some good wines for the holidays. Then we took a drive up to the Sierra Blanca mountain. Sad to see all of the devastation done by the recent fires they had up here. It breaks your heart.
Ski Apache was supposed to open on Friday but has delayed until December 1st. There's snow up there, though! The ski lodge up there was having some water line issues, I think.

Mountain at Ski Apache
Santa arrived at the restaurant

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