Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ruidoso Get-Away, II

Catching up, yesterday we woke up late and took our time getting ready to spend the day in downtown Ruidoso. We walked the entire strip up and back, exploring all of the little shops we remembered and some new ones that have appeared. Of course, I was looking for little things for KT Bug, so that was fun! I also got some seeds for my garden, and we hit the fudge shop. We had lunch at an Irish Pub called Grace O. Malley's. I had a coffee called Almond Joy which had some very strong liquor in it...whew!
Then we took a drive to Ft Stanton and Capitan. In the evening we dressed up and went to the Inn of the Mountain Gods. John and I gambled (donated money to the tribe.) ha ha!! We had supper at their buffet, which was just meh...I'm spoiled by Vegas, baby!

KT is gonna get a little 3 bears hoodie!
So he's going for the spades flush, huh?
We heard that the ghost pepper was the hottest ever, so we decided we had to try this.
Lunch at Grace O'Malley's

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