Sunday, November 11, 2012

Supper Club, November 2012

We had our German Fest supper on Saturday night! It was lots of fun, good friends and lots of good food.  We ate Pollack's sausage, Red Cabbage with Apples, Fresh Sauerkraut, Hot German Potato Salad, and a delicious dessert called Autumn Nut Torte. was so good!
It was so great to just sit and enjoy the company, which included a couple of extras this time, Ella and Addie Wren!  Addie is a duplicate copy of her older sister!
I did a horrible job of taking pictures (I don't seem to be in my usual swing with my cameras lately.  I'm going to focus on getting back to taking some better photos.)
Oh, yeah, it was as good as it looks....
Oh, and did I mention the beer tasting?
Yes, we had the requisite damn games....
Laden table
Autumn Nut Torte
Poor Addie, she was tired of that German music too...

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