Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Garden update...

I had some help watering the pumpkin/squash patch today!  KT loves to water the plants.

We've been worrying about a freeze that was supposed to take place this week, but it looks like the forecast is changing some, so we may get lucky and it might miss us.  I went ahead and pulled up the last of the six jalapeno plants, and a few of the green pepper plants.  I plan to go ahead and pull up the rest early this week. These won't survive a freeze, and I wanted to salvage as many of them as I could.

I did finally cover the garlic with a couple of inches of hay to start, so it should be okay for a freeze.  I'll add another layer of hay after this one settles a bit. There is FINALLY a head on one of the purple cauliflower plants!! Yeah! It's the only one so far, but I feel hopeful now that the others will follow the lead!

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