Monday, September 3, 2012

Movie Review --- Battleship

Had to wait for this one to show up on DVD so I could finally see it.  It was really entertaining...and they actually brought in the old 'board game' aspect by tracking the aliens on a grid like we used to do on the board game!
It's full on cgi and special effects for most of the movie, so if that's not your thing, you really won't like  it.  There is a story, but the main parts of this movie are the battle between a navy destroyer and the aliens.  Funny that the crew of scientists who started this thing all take off for the hills and don't take any responsibility for what they have brought down on earth, but just leave it to the military to take care of. Hmmm....
They used a real double-amputee war hero,  real life Iraq veteran Grogory D Gadson, in this movie as a patient of the main actress (who is a physical therapist in the movie).  He did a good job, and I hand it to the movie honcho's for using a real person.
Definitely suspend your belief system for this one and just go into it for the fun of it!  No great acting, including Liam Neeson (who only shows up in the beginning and at the end) but the aliens were kind of interesting -- more human-like then I'm used to seeing in my sci-fi movies.
3 Stars!

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