Monday, September 3, 2012

How does the garden grow?

One reason that I've been a blogging slacker is that I've been focusing on getting this fall garden in so that we have a chance of getting some results before the heavy frosts. [Oohhh....doesn't the thought of heavy frosts just sound so great right now?  I can't wait for fall!!!]  

I do have a plan in case of early frost...since we're using raised beds for most of it, I can put up some covers if necessary.  Most of what I'm planting is supposed to be fairly cold hardy, though.  So we'll see how it goes.

I only have one bed left to go -- and it's going to be all garlic and onions.  It gets done this week (I hope.)

Today John helped me get the pumpkin/watermelon patch replanted with winter squashes.  It features:

  1. Seminole Pumpkin Squash  The wild squash of the everglades...just had to try it.
  2. Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash
  3. Iran Squash  This one is recommended for ornamental purposes, I read that its not particularly tasty, but a beautiful pumpkin like squash.
  4. Long Island Cheese Squash  Doesn't that name just grab you?! ha!

I picked these all up at the Baker Creek store that we visited with JR and Ashley when we were in California. Don't they all sound yummy?!

I also have finished bed#3 and bed#4 in the regular garden this week.
Bed 3 has the existing peppers in it that I cut way back (about 1/3 of the plant left).  They are looking good after a bit of a shock, so I think they'll continue to do well until frost.  The rest of that bed has:

  1. Honeyboat Delicata Squash
  2. Jumbo Pink Banana Squash  This variety is over 200 years old...amazing!
  3. White Carrots
  4. Chinese Heirloom Cabbage

Bed 4 has:

  1. Orange Cushaw Squash
  2. North Faulkland Island Squash
  3. Yugoslavian Finger Fruit Squash  This one is a summer squash, but I didn't have room in the spring garden.  I'm just going to give it a try and see what it looks like.  I have lots of seeds left to try again next spring if need be.
  4. Galeux Heirloom Squash  Warty looking!

It may appear that I've over squashed, but I truly only planted about 4 of each of those I have lots of seeds left over from every one of these packets should any of you out there like to have a few.  Now, on to the garlic!

The Michili Cabbage is looking really good after transplant.
5Color Swiss Chard also looks like it's doing great! John just watered it, so it's kind of "leaning..." 
Kind of excited about the purple cauliflower....all from seed! 

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