Friday, July 13, 2012

Tomatoes, tomatillos, oh my!

Good grief, where did this week go?  I just turned around and it's Friday already.  Whew!  And I haven't posted in days.  Of course, that doesn't mean I haven't been busy around here, just too disorganized to sit down and get it done.
Today KT and I canned tomatillo and tomato salsa!  I think it's going to be delicious -- I tried it out before the water bath and I thought it was (and 0 points on WW!  yea!)

Don't you just love the look of tomatillos?  I just love those papery husks on them, and KT really enjoys pealing them off for me. We made 6 pints.
The garden has been so wet due to the beautiful, gorgeous and oh-so wonderful rain that God has blessed us with this week.  So nice - there's a physical reaction of relief when we get rain here now, it's been so sparse the last few weeks.  But with the wet ground, it's kept us away.
Today KT and I did manage to get in there and pick a few tomatoes and other things, but not for very long.  It was hot and steamy.
Some kind of animal had been in there this week and broke off one of my tomato plants (the Cherokee) and tried to bite into one of the melons.  Arghhh! No!  I had to put a bag around the melon to make sure that it was left alone.  John thinks it's probably a raccoon.
The small gourds just keep adding up!
Squash blossom
The bean plants are dying...(I may have helped them along...full disclosure)
We found a huge bug!  He was dead when we found him, I promise.
The morning glories on the front of the potting shed have really spread!
The grapes are still looking good -- year one has been  okay.

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