Sunday, June 24, 2012

Keeping KT....

We've been keeping our little KT Bug all week while her parents were in Jamaica, soaking up the sun.  It's been so much fun, although keeping up with an active 2 year old can be hard on these 60ish year old grandparents!
She is constantly amazing me with her active mind, soaking up everything she sees and watching your every action so that she can mimic it (must be careful with that!) Ha!  Here's a few pics of our fun week!
 This is her "cheese" face
 Helping Grumpy with his exercising?
 Helping Mimi put up veggies from the garden
 Eating out at the local Mexican restaurant, she loves rice and beans
 She pulled her own geranium flower and posed with it on her head
 Give her a puzzle and she'll master it in no time
 In the potting shed - love this one!
 In the Bean Haus...


  1. What a beautiful blonde girl! She looks like she's in heaven out there in Bandera!! :) Such a fun place for that little gal!

    1. Yes, she has plenty of space to run, run, run, and wherever Grumpy is, she's happy. Ha!