Sunday, June 24, 2012

Garden update....

I got a Black Prince Heirloom tomato plant this year from Lowe's to pot up on the pavilion.  We got our first tomato from this plant and it was just beautiful!  Look at this lovely garnet colored beauty!
The tomatoes from the garden continue to produce and I had to make up some salsa this past week to put them up.  We just can't eat this many tomatoes at the rate they are producing.  
We also ate our first really great watermelon -- this is the Osh Kirgizia seed that I got from Baker's Seeds.  Very sweet and so full of water.  This is probably the most juicy watermelon I've ever eaten.  So great and the 6 plants that we put out have really produced.  I can highly recommend this one.
I've really neglected the garden this past week, so this week I'll be spending more time out there...unless the weatherman is right and we get over 100 degrees this week.  Sigh....

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