Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy with the tomato's this year!

Juliette Roma
Update on the tomato planting this year in the buckets....they are doing fantastic!  We've already gotten over 6 pounds of tomatoes from these three plants!  All of them have grown at least 5 foot tall, and the Juliette roma tomato is taller then that.

They are all producing -- I have to give the Juliette the blue ribbon in that department, these are the best tomatoes that I've ever had, meaty and firm, and not a bit of insect or brown spot problems.  I'm impressed!  The heirloom pink tomato is beginning to produce, but the insects do love that plant.  I'm having to keep it sprayed every so often.

I'm definitely going to use this method again!
Cherry Tomato
Pink Heirloom (I forgot the name, maybe Brandywine?!)
Lots of future tomatoes!

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  1. Tomatoes seem to be doing good for EVERYONE this year, including my two plants in my raised bed! :)