Monday, June 11, 2012

Ghostly White Pumpkins...

Total freebies!  This was a volunteer plant that started in the compost pile, I guess from the white pumpkin that I bought at the Medina Pumpkin Patch last October.  I'm a sucker for a wild plant that starts on its own, I have a hard time pulling them up, so we let this one go.  At first it was out of the way and trailed along the fence, so I thought it would be okay.
Well....the past month it has grown into the biggest, hugest plant and spread all over the end of the garden around the potato buckets.  I couldn't get to anything down there without stepping on the plant.
Today I had all I could take of it, I had to get to the cucumber plants that I had down there to see how they were doing, so this pumpkin plant had to go!
Here are the three gorgeous pumpkins that were on the plant!  Pretty good for some free produce, huh?
I've read up that I should leave these out to "harden" for a week or so, so they are spending that time in the potting shed (maybe even longer!)


  1. These guys are gorgeous. Too bad it's not October!!!

  2. I hope they'll last that long!