Monday, June 11, 2012

Catching up....

Trying to catch up with the garden!  I put up some tomatoes yesterday since we haven't been eating them as fast as they are ripening.
Juliette tomatoes
Water bath...
The chickens are down to 10 now, I sold 8 of them this weekend.  They went to a very nice home as the lady that bought them seemed like she was going to treat them as pets! I think they will love their new home.  I'm relieved, as I wanted a small flock that I could get to know.  I have 7 little hens, and currently 3 little roosters. The roosters will be culled to one lucky guy soon.
I just brought in another 2 pounds of beans.  Whew!  Of course, this is all my own fault....I planted them in the garden, and then when I brought up the idea of the Bean Haus to John, fully expecting him to say no, he said "let's do it." I never expected that!  So we're getting double the beans needed for the two of us.  Colleen has taken some, but I think she's had enough, so I'm going to try canning some now.  I put up several bags in the freezer, but it will be nice to have garden beans in the winter, I think.
This is what I'm seeing on one of my heirloom tomato plants, a Cherokee purple. What is causing this?  I didn't find it on any of the other plants, and even not on every tomato on this plant, so I'm going to have to do some research.  Arghhh!

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  1. Well, we just ate the last batch of fresh beans on Sunday! :) yummo!

    p.s. i like the traditional grean beans much better than those flat variety... just fyi :)