Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Monster Mother's Day!

I had a totally monster Mother's Day!  First, flowers and a card from my husband yesterday, then brunch this morning at Jeff, Colleen's and KT's house.  They made a tasty breakfast casserole, some beautiful fruit/donut hole-ka-bobs, and all the fixings.  Yum!  We ate out on the patio, and it was a beautiful morning.
KT kept us amused all morning, swinging, laying in the hammock, drawing with her chalk, sweeping, running, jumping and generally being as cute as she can be.

I scored something that I pinned on Pinterest, that Colleen found on there and bought for me...something I am so excited to put out in the garden. I am now the proud owner of a door for a fairy garden!  I have the perfect place for it, too.  I've had the tree picked out since I saw this ages ago, I just didn't think I'd get to it this I can!
This photo is from the website, not my own photo, but my door looks exactly like this. You will find a fairy garden at our casa next time you visit!

After brunch, John and I went to visit with Grandma Schwencke.  She was just finishing up with lunch, so I brought her back to her room and we visited for about an hour.  She was having a good day, nice and calm, and was napping when we left. I feel so blessed to still have a mother, especially after John's mother passed recently. I made mom a photo poster with pictures of her family for the wall.  I know that she can't see it, but it will be nice for the staff of the facility to see Mom's family and know how much she is loved.

Then we went to the Alamo Draft house to see an AWESOME movie that I've been dying to see, The Avengers.  I got a gift certificate from the Koenig's that we used to get in, so... again...I was totally spoiled!  More about the movie in my next post, but I can tell you.....GO SEE IT!  After the movie, I bought a really cool pair of athletic shoes for our trip to San Francisco (they're teal!!)  I'll really be styling, and then John swung by Starbucks and bought me a latte.
Spoiled, really...I wasn't kidding.
Sigh....what a great day!
Thanks, all, I'm feeling the LUV!!

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