Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chicken Coop progress....

John was back to work today on the chicken coop, after taking off a few weeks.  Seems like we had just too many other things going on, so the coop was taking a back burner.  The chicks are getting too big, though, and we really need to get this thing done! (well...I do help by offering moral support and iced water...oh, and some unappreciated advice and silly questions.)
 View thru the egg pickin' door...he was cursing some "@#$!%$# Chinese" nails here. Better get used to it, can't find American made nails any more.
 The brand new door to the coop...still needs a handle and latch...
Egg pickin' door is on, but we need a latch. There will be two laying nests inside for the hens to use.

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