Friday, May 4, 2012

Digging in the dirt...

It's getting HOT already.  I'm spending time outside early in the morning, and after 5pm now.  We actually got a little rain last night which our parched ground really appreciated.
Yesterday I put in new annuals around our big tree in the yard, replacing the wilted pansies that were well past their age limit.  I dug the whole thing up and found this big guy lurking under ground.  If he had been smaller, I'd have thrown him to the chickens, but he was way too big.
OMG! Honest, he was as big as a plum! Startling!
In any case, I added new soil, sand and potting soil, worked it in, and planted some new annuals, some Dianthus.  We've always had good luck with them, and have even had them come up the second year.  Red, pinks, whites, and several combinations of all of those colors. They look quite cheerful, and the garden gnome is happy again!

 Don't tell Josh I use a kitchen piece for the butterflies.  I got this old molcajete on one of our trips to Mexico many, many years ago.  I use it to give the butterflies some water.  

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