Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nanny Carlie

Today the chicklettes got a few hours of introduction to the OUTSIDE! They loved it, pecking and scratching in the grass.  I sat out with them for a while, and Carlie came to inspect the chicks.  While we sat there, Paulie heard the chirping and wanted to see what was there.  Oh NO, Carlie was having none of that.  She got up so fast and went after that cat, chasing her away and coming right back and laid down again.  I haven't seen her move that fast in years!  I decided to see how far she would take this "babysitting" job.  So I told her, "stay", and went inside to shower.
After I was ready, I went down to see how the chicks were.  There sat Carlie, still on guard!  I was so blown away by that.
After cleaning some downstairs, I checked again about 30 minutes later.  The sun had come up full blast, and Carlie deserted her post, opting for the cool shade of the side porch.  Oh well, she did a great job for about 1-1/2 hours, so I can't fault her.  Good job, Nanny Carlie!!

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