Sunday, April 8, 2012

The chicks have arrived....

They arrived by post on Wednesday while we were away at John's mother's service, so Colleen acted as chicky-mom for me and picked them up and took great care of them.  I had ordered 15, but there were 18 in the box!  All still alive and kicking!
I ordered straight run, so I'm not sure what we have.  I was going to feather-sex them, but from what I read, that has to be done by the time they are 3 days old, so I don't think that will work now.  I may just keep them all.  Not sure yet.

I cut up some grass for them today - just a little treat to see what they would do.  They started scratching around like crazy.  So cute and fun to watch!


  1. I think you should keep them all. I have a special bond with them. I've never seen an entire shipment of chicks ALL live. Call me crazy. They were meant to be.