Sunday, April 29, 2012

Garden disappointments...I've had a few!

I've had a few failures this year already...not sure if I planted too early, or just had bad seeds, or what.  But, it's time to cut my loses and MOVE ON!

The Aztec never grew any taller then 1/2"! What's up with that?  I tried everything.  I fed it, talked to it, watered it, everything but SANG to it.  Nothing.  I tried to give it encouragement, "Come on guys, grow!" and I tried to shame it, "Your Aztec ancestors would be so ashamed of you guys!"  Nothing.  So they had to go.  There's now a nice new tomato transplanted in that spot. An heirloom plant called German Johnson.  
Very small when they came up, still very small when I ripped them out.
New and improved use of space!
Ditto on the Strawberry Spinach.  Nothing even showed up.  It is now a tomato plant, also.  I put one of the plants I started from seed.

The squash, if you can believe it.  I've always had great luck with squash.  Specifically, the patti pan and the yellow squash are stunted and small.  I'm ripping them out this week.  I have extra seed, so I'm going to start these again.  I think the soil may not have been warm enough when I planted...maybe?  Not sure, but I'll try again.  The zucchini, on the other hand, are looking fine.  I already have little zucchini on them!
Stunted, ugly, going into the compost pile tomorrow!
So, not everything has been a success.  I think I pushed the season a little too soon, but it's been such a warm early spring. 
Moving on....

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