Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Keeping KT...an adventure!

Grammy:   "KT, KT...KT!...KT...."
KT: --------------------------------------
(Hard to get her attention when she's totally absorbed in the Ice Age movie.)

Grammy: "KT, let's finish getting dressed."
KT: "No."

Grammy: "Come here, KT.  Let's put on your pink pants."
KT: "No like it."

Grammy: "OK, how about these jeans?"
KT: "No like it."

Grammy: "Look, KT, Grammy has jeans on.  You want to wear jeans?"
KT: "No."

Grammy: "Here, pick one of these - there's pink or there's blue jeans."
KT: "No like them."

Grammy: "KT, these are the only pants in the bag.  Here, you want to wear these with the hearts that you had on yesterday?"
KT: "No."

Grammy picks up the phone: "Hello?"
Grumpy: "How are you'all doing?"
Grammy: "KT won't put on her pants.  Here, can you tell her to put on her pants so we can come into town?"

Grumpy: "KT, put on your pants."
KT: "No"

Grumpy: "Here, KT, talk to your dad."
Jeff: "KT, put on your pants."
KT: "Okay."

Moral of this story - sometimes you just have to call in the big guns.

Visiting with Grumpy at his office later in the day.  She picked the pink pants.

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