Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Garden Fever...

I've been spending January dreaming of getting the spring garden in.  It helps that all of the seed catalogs have arrived and it really accelerates while I'm meandering through Pinterest garden boards.
The few seeds that I do order online have mostly arrived already, and I've started a few in seed flats to get a jump on the season.  The first two plants to come up were the freebie tomato seeds that I got on my order from Park Seeds! I guess free is best!
One thing I'm doing this year is being ruthless in thinning out the extra seedlings - I usually can't stand to pull up anything, but I think it's worked against me in the past, so this year I'm not falling for that.  Here's the two little tomato plants that I'm re-potting today.

Spindly, huh? I made the newspaper pots using a tutorial I found on-line. They needed to get potted deeper to get a good start.  I also started a flat of leeks today.
We've decided to build permanent above-ground plots this year -- last year's drought is destined to continue this summer, I'm afraid, so we're hoping to get ahead of it, and with me home all the time I can give it the attention it deserves. Yeah!!

Tomato plants in better containers...with a cup of tea! ha!

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  1. Are you planning on passing on some of the fruits of your labor? Cause my door is open :)