Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Day, 2011

Thursday started with a flurry of activity in the kitchen, Susan put the turkey on in a big roaster and we could begin smelling it wafting around the house. She also made traditional stuffing, and all the fixings.
Cindy ended up having to work for a while (she works one job at Walmart) and so she was off to work early.
KT started feeling so much better today after a few doses of her medication.  I'm so glad everyone got to see her in her "well" state.  Michelle and Lexi came over to help get everything ready, and after a few quick runs for supplies and forgotten items, dinner was ready.  Colleen and Lexi made a batch of Smores bars in the middle of all of that.  Then it was 3:30pm, Bobby and family arrived along with everyone else, and dinner was served!
As usual, more food then anyone could eat!  But we sure tried.  The rest of the evening was spent just enjoying time with family and enjoying the beautiful night.  Bobby fired up Susan's fire pit and there was some marshmallow roasting going on.  
 (Adrienne and her roommate, Isis)
(Daniel and Lexi)

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