Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friday was Beach Day!

Friday, after John and Jeff went golfing with Bobby and Daniel, John and I went to see his cousin, Bernie, new place.  She has moved into a really nice community that was built for adults over a certain age (I think she said it was 50, but I'm not sure my memory is exactly right there.) But mainly older people with no children.  The homes are built around a nice little lake, and her home is right on the water! Very nice.  It was quiet, peaceful there.  She said that they have events and activities for the residents too.  While we were sitting there on her little deck, her neighbor pulled in the biggest catfish...we walked over to see him pull it in! Perfect.
(Big catfish!)
After we got home, we all packed up again and went over to the beach with Michelle and Lexi.  KT got to put her feet in the Atlantic Ocean!

 It was so breezy -- in that I mean it was blowing like crazy....and the ocean was choppy and rushing in on the sand.  I thought it was a bit too cold to be in the water, but there were a few hardy souls swimming.  KT just loves the sand - she explored and left her footprints up and down the beach.  So cute!
 We walked across the road from the boardwalk to an ice cream shoppe and everyone had ice cream (well, I had a mocha latte instead -- nice and hot!) Yum!

The rest of the evening we spent getting the RV packed back up and visiting with family again.  It's off in the morning for home.

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