Monday, December 5, 2011

RVing to Florida!

We decided to rent an RV for our trip to Florida this time.  It's something we've never done, other then a small dose of using an RV many moons ago when my parent's had one.  We would usually join them in a state park nearby and use their RV during the day, so it seemed a great idea from my fuzzy memories of those great trips.

As far as price-wise, we found out it's not a savings (air fare, hotel costs, car rental, etc.) because of the amount of gasoline that they use (That's a -.) I'd say it's about the same or maybe more, so saving money is not an issue. It was nice to have our own food, kitchen, living area, (that's a +) and we didn't have to pack and unpack, because everything is where you first put it, so no luggage issues (that's a +.)

Traveling with a 2 year old, I think if you drive that long distance, this was a plus in an RV, and there were four of us to try to keep her entertained, which was nice.  KT did GREAT! She was a real trooper up until the last day.  She really did well, despite getting an ear infection the day before Thanksgiving.  I give credit to the way Jeff and Colleen have raised her - they take her everywhere and expose her to lots of experiences - so she takes everything in stride.  She is a champion traveler.

John and Jeff went to pick up the RV on Friday afternoon, so we had all that evening to pack up before we picked the Koenigs up on Saturday morning at about 6am.  They packed their stuff in and we were OFF!  We have a family tradition of getting breakfast tacos on the morning of every family trip, so we stopped for those in San Antonio first.

A full day of travel, with John, Jeff and Colleen taking turns at the wheel.  We stopped in Louisiana for dinner at one of John's favorite spots - Captain Bill's Seafood.  It was good to get back on solid ground for an hour or so - stretch the legs.
(KT at Captain Bills)

Then back in the RV for many hours before we stopped that evening in Pensacola at an RV camp.  It was dark when we arrived around 10 pm and just getting light when we left there.  Sunday morning -- Disney World or bust!

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